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Wes & Willy

Life long friends, Wes and Willy, have put their super powers to work designing unique boys’ clothing since 1989. While they can often be spotted fighting for truth, justice and cool boy clothes from all corners of the Earth, their plots of creative genius are headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

Wes and Willy get their inspiration simply by seeing boys being boys around the country. “Wherever you go, boys love being boys.” Wes and Willy clothing is designed to uphold that truth. Rough and Tumble, yet Cool and Comfortable. Wes and Willy say it best, “Boys need great clothes too.”

Wes & Willy is now proud to partner with a number of Australian sporting federations, including NRL, FFA, ARU and BBL. The clothing is known for its high quality and soft feel, and is on its way to becoming a fast favourite in the kids licensed category in Australia.